Water Quality

We pride ourselves on supplying our customers with good quality water that is safe to drink. 

Although we have twice won the “Best Tasting Water” award this is not a true indication to the safety of the water. 

To this end, we test our water daily to confirm that our processes are working correctly and to verify that nothing drastic has changed in our water sources. 

In addition to this daily testing, we send weekly and monthly samples to the State Board of Health to verify that the water is safe to drink. 

And then annually we submit water to an independent lab to test for harmful constituents in accordance with the EPA and IDEM timetable. 

These results are listed in the Consumer Confidence Reports (CCRs).

Lead and Copper

Lead and Copper has been in the news for the past few years stemming from the problems they had in Flint, Michigan.  Although Flint was a special circumstance, the concern about lead and copper is real. 

Mapleturn does not have any lead or copper lines or fittings and I am confident there are no lead pipes used in homes in our district. 

However, there are many homes with copper piping inside.  This is really only a problem if there is acidic water (which we do not have) or the water sits in the pipes for 6 to 8 hours. 

It is recommended that the first water in the morning be flushed out of the pipes by running the water for a few minutes before drinking (or making coffee).

Consumer Confidence Report CCRs

2021The Consumer Confidence Reports (CCRs) is a comprehensive list of harmful constituents that we test for according to the EPA timetable. 

Due to the timetable not all chemicals are tested for each year.  Some are annually, while others may be every three years. 

Click on the year you would like to view.

Water Quality Report 2010

Water Quality Report 2011

Water Quality Report 2012

Water Quality Report 2013

Water Quality Report 2014

Water Quality Report 2015

Water Quality Report 2016

Water Quality Report 2017

Water Quality Report 2018

Water Quality Report 2019

Water Quality Report 2020

Water Quality Report 2021

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