Mapleturn Utilities, inc.



Tap fees

The tap fee for water is                 $1,650.62

The tap fee for sewer is                $1,440.55

                Total fee              $3,091.12

Due to other responsibilities, including meter reading, we ask for a 6 week lead time.

We will normally run the water and sewer to the property line and it is your responsibility to get to us.


The connection of extraneous water to our sewer is prohibited.  This includes downspouts, perimeter drains and sump pumps, but may include other clear water sources.


Standard plumbing codes for pipe size and materials and rules for separation of water and sewer lines must be followed.

Serving the community needs daily

Cross Connection and Backflow Prevention Policy


Pursuant of Indiana Statute 170 IAC 6-1-20, it is the policy of Mapleturn Utilities, Inc. to maintain records of all backflow prevention devices within our system and the annual inspection records thereof.

This statute requires that any cross connection between the domestic water supply and any possible contamination source be protected by a backflow protection device.  Further, this statute requires that the customer have these devices inspected annually and the certification of their passing of the inspection be maintained for a three year period in the office of the Utility.

Two of the most common examples of cross connection...


There are construction items that we highly recommend:

Shut off valve on incoming line – for doing plumbing work inside the house but more importantly for emergencies.

Water and sewer lines bedded in sand – this is an inexpensive safety feature for the future.

Pressure Reducing Valve (PRV) – There are locations within our district that has as much as 118 lbs. of pressure.  Click here to view a pressure zone map.

Check valve sewer – depending on how the house is located with respect to the sewer main; it is wise to protect a finished basement from a possible sewer backup.