Serving the coumunity needs daily

Our Story

Previously Summit City Utilities, performance as a utility was extremely poor, both operationally and financially. There were raw sewage overflows, the drinking water provided by the utility was often dirty looking and undrinkable, and there were frequent unannounced service interruptions. Summit’s treatment plants and equipment were poorly maintained and improperly operated, and failed to meet health, safety and engineering...

Our Mission

Mapleturn Utilities, Inc.

We will strive to continue to develop our professional and leadership skills to ensure quality performance of our employees to the benefits of our members. We will provide our members with an ample supply of safe drinking water as well as furnish a wastewater system that will meet all of our members needs, at the lowest possible costs. Our finished product whether it is drinking water or wastewater, will meet or exceed all parameters set by any federal or state government agencies.