As you all well know, I have been bragging about the fact that your water has been voted the “Best Tasting Water in Indiana”.  By winning this contest we were then entered to compete with the Best from each state at the 2020 National Rural Water Conference held in Washington DC.  This conference was held this past week and Mapleturn’s water made the appearance.

The best tasting water from Indiana and 36 other states competed in the preliminary judging.  The top five waters chosen then competed in the second round of judging.  I am happy to say that Mapleturn made it to the stage.  And, I am even more excited to tell you that your water was runner up after this second round of judging.  Unfortunately, we did not bring home the gold.  But, your water was determined to be the second Best Tasting Water in the United States!

Our neighbors to south from western Kentucky won first place.  We actually tied for second place with S. Carolina and third place went to a rural community in northern California.  The fifth finalist was from Nebraska.

I received a congratulation call from a friend of the utility today who, when discussing how many entrants there were said, “No Steve, you have to realize that each one of those competed against 20 – 25 local utilities.  Mapleturn got second place competing against as many as 750 different utilities across the country”.  That made me feel even better.

As I have said before:  This is a really big deal and we should feel blessed to have such good quality water.

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