Billing Due Dates

The bill is mailed on the 1st of the month and is then due on the 17th of each month. 

If the payment is not received on the 17th, a late fee of $3.45 is assessed and the late notice is generated and mailed. 

Seven days later we put a warning, orange tag, on your front door stating, if not paid, your water will be turned off the following day at noon. 

If still not paid the water will be turned off at noon and a red tag placed on your door telling you that we have turned it off and that there is a $41.26 re-connection fee added to the amount of the bill.


Our rates are set by the Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission (IURC). Being a member of the IURC gives the homeowner rights and a mechanism to file complaints. 

Visit the IURC and compare rates with other utilities within Indiana.

Water Rates

                Metered Rates                 Rate per 1000 gallons

                First 7,000 gallons             $4.286                   $30.00/month

                Next 3,000 gallons            $5.155

                Next 5,000 gallons            $5.28

                Next 15,000 gallons           $5.42

Sewer Rate is a flat $65.00/month

Buying and Selling Homes

The buyer and seller both will receive a prorated bill for that overlapping month.  It is based on average usage and the number of days until possession transfer.


We do not take credit or debit cards.  We apologize for the inconvenience; however it is for your security.  All banking information is stored in our safe and on your bank’s computers.  If we were to take credit cards your information would need to be on our computers and therefore making us a target and you at risk.

We do take cash and checks and they can be brought into the office between 7am to 3pm or just simply drop it in the drop box at the street or use the one on the office door anytime you are driving past.

We also have many customers that use a 3rd party bill pay systems to automatically pay the bill.  This, of course, allows you to schedule your payment and is transferred to us directly.  We then get notification of payment by email.  If you do this directly through your bank they will send a hardcopy check.  Please allow time for the Post Office delivery when scheduling the payment.

We also offer the option of using an ACH.  We will directly withdraw the payment from your checking account on the due date.  If you would like this option please fill out and return the authorization form to us.  We need a hardcopy of the form and a voided check   

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Sample Water Bill

Late Notice