What you can do

Water Conservation

There are numerous techniques that we would encourage you to adopt to conserve water.  Low flow showers, low use toilets or as simple as turning your water off when you shave and brush your teeth.

There are other things to think about:


 Like fixing a leaking toilet or dripping faucet as soon as you notice it


Timing your irrigation system to get the best use of the water


Implementing rain gardens in your lawns and using permeable pavers for your driveways are excellent ways to help purify water and recharge our aquifer.  

Mapleturn Utilities, Inc.

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What We Do

Sewage Treatment

The State of Indiana measures treatment in the amount of removal of harmful constituents from the wastewater. 

With our new treatment plant that began operation in 2012, we have consistently had 99% removal of all of these harmful products. 

We often say that the water we put out into the river is cleaner that the river itself.


Wellhead Protection Plan (WHPP)

The WHPP is a program with the State whereby we identify and monitor possible contamination points within our wellhead protection area which extends from Mapleturn Road on the south to White River to the north and east to I69. 

We then had testing done to determine 1 and 5 year Time of Travel (ToT) of the aquifer to our wells at our present pumping rates. 

Mapleturn Utilities purchased a majority of this land and planted 36,000 trees to protect and purify our water source.



We have mitigated some of our land in exchange for some stream stabilization work we needed done. 

The mitigation work was done by the Corps of Engineers on our property near the toe of East Lake dam. 

They put in a bio-swale to help treat the water that comes from West Lake.