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...for plumbing work...

If you or your plumber need to have the water turned off at the street, feel free to call and arrange a time during our scheduled work hours and we will be happy to come do this for you. 

If we are doing this because you do not have a shut off valve at the point where the water comes into your house, or that valve leaks, we highly recommend that you have the plumber replace this valve while he is there.

Obviously, if the leak is an emergency - go shut that incoming valve, if that doesn’t work call and we will come any time to shut the water off

...vacation or extended absence...

If you are leaving for an extended period of time, for example you are going south for the winter; you can ask us to turn the water off during this time.  If we do this you will not be charged the minimum billing for the months that you are away.  There is a $20.63 fee to turn the water back on when you return.  However, this fee is better than paying the minimum monthly charge for each month you are away.

Note:  We do require someone to be present at your home when we turn the water back on in case there is a problem and we will only turn it back on during regular scheduled work hours.

Leak detection – auto read meters

As we install more auto read meters we are realizing the importance of this new tool that is available to us. The new meters have the ability to monitor your usage by the hour. 

If it measures water usage every hour of the day, over a three day period, a notice pops up when we read your meter at the end of the month saying that there is a possible leak.

We also have the ability to go to any of these meters and pull a history of usage.  It then can graph the usage monthly, daily and even by the hour so that we can see when the water was used. 

For example:  A customer’s bills had been going up even though they could not find a leak anywhere. 

By using this tool we found that there was high usage every couple of days at 3 in the morning. 

They found that their water softener, instead of rinsing for the minute that it is suppose to after re-charge, was rinsing for 20 minutes every time it ran.  Just running water down the drain.

Bill forgiveness for fixed leaks

If you have a major leak and when you get it fixed, we will forgive the excess use on the higher of the bills during this time period. 

We offer this to each of our customers one time during a one year period.