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Best Tasting Water in Indiana

I am pleased to announce that your water was entered and won the Best Tasting Water Award in a state wide contest last week at the Alliance of Indiana fall conference.  You have heard me brag about winning other contests over the past couple of years.  But to be named the Best in Indiana is truly a big deal.

In 2017, on a whim, we entered a competition at the Rural Water conference in Indianapolis.  There, your water along with 4 or 5 others were set out in un-marked dispensers for all of the attendees to taste and vote for their favorite.  This took place over a two day period with 200 to 300 people voting; you won the most votes.

This peaked our interest as to just how “good” is our water?  The Alliance of Indiana then had a contest, where you competed at a district level held last spring.  Your water won the South Central district competition which then allowed us to enter at the State level this fall.  The results of this competition demonstrated that you have the Best Tasting Water in Indiana.  By winning at the state level we are entered in the National Contest early next year.

As it was said to me, this “win” gives Mapleturn bragging rights and to win the Nationals, now that would really be something to brag about.  But instead of bragging and taking credit for the water, we should feel blessed to have access to such a good quality water source.

A quick geology lesson from a non-geologist:  Mapleturn’s water is uniquely located on the edge of a very large aquifer.  We are in the White River Outwash Aquifer, the largest aquifer in Indiana, which runs from Noblesville to Vincennes.  The water in this aquifer runs, very slowly, from the northeast to the southwest.  However, our wells sit on the south side of the river and right up against the glacial hills that make up our local topography.  So rain that falls on these hills filters down through the sand and gravel and flows north toward the river passing our wells.

What makes us unique is that this gravel making up our hills are pieces of all types of rocks pushed here from Canada, through Michigan and northern Indiana by the glacier.  It is a smorgasbord of many different minerals, all of which are slowly being dissolved by the rain and ultimately flavoring your water.  Your water may be “hard” but it is these minerals that make your water, the “Best Tasting Water in Indiana”.



As a side note:  These are the people that keep this water flowing to our homes daily.  Thank them when you see them out and about.

    Left to Right:  David Ice, Larry Parker, Rocky Hayden, Robin Steininger