Cross Connection and Backflow Prevention Policy


Pursuant of Indiana Statute 170 IAC 6-1-20, it is the policy of Mapleturn Utilities, Inc. to maintain records of all backflow prevention devices within our system and the annual inspection records thereof.

This statute requires that any cross connection between the domestic water supply and any possible contamination source be protected by a backflow protection device.  Further, this statute requires that the customer have these devices inspected annually and the certification of their passing of the inspection be maintained for a three year period in the office of the Utility.

Two of the most common examples of cross connection in our residential system are sprinkler systems and water softeners; but would also include any geothermal and/or boiler heating systems that have a direct connection to our water supply.

Other residential examples may be hair salons operated within a home, water lines running to docks on the lake, any home that has a fire suppression system, homes that have large water storage tanks, homes that have a secondary water source (such as a well) connected to the public water supply or homes that use a booster pump inline with our water supply are all required to have a backflow prevention device in place.

Commercial customers that have fire suppression, janitorial mop sinks or commercial kitchens need to have cross connection protection in place.  Companies that handle herbicides, pesticides, fertilizers or any chemical that could be a contaminant to the public water supply are required to have back flow devices.

A full list of examples can be found in 327 IAC 8-10-4.

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