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Summer Newsletter 2020


  Annual Picnic

                We can all agree that we are living in some strange times.  With the COVID 19 pandemic, the mandatory quarantine, social distancing and now the slow roll out of people getting back to work leaves all of us with an uncertainty of how all of this will really unfold.  This cannot help but leave all of us somewhat apprehensive.  With this in mind the Mapleturn Utility Board has determined that it would be prudent to cancel the annual picnic that was scheduled for the first part of June.

                We are very disappointed that we needed to make this decision.  This picnic has always been a small way for us to show our appreciation to all of you.

Picnic activities

At the picnic it has been our custom to give the Good Neighbor Award to one of our members.  These winners are nominated and then presented to the board for approval.  Although this year the awards will need to be given in abstentia, I am happy to announce that we have two winners:

Good Neighbor - Brent Fraser and Cheryl Petrisin

I would like to start off by thanking Mapleturn Utilities for the opportunity to nominate someone for neighbor of the year.  I’m sure there are several people eligible for this award but I would like to nominate two neighbors in particular.  Let me just say we have live in Foxcliff for 12 years and of those 12 years my husband has been deployed for 3 of them.  During those three deployments these neighbors have always been there to help me out.  A few of the things they have done for me include mowing our yard for the first spring we were here because my husband was deployed two weeks after we moved in and it was in January so we had not purchased a mower yet, to changing the battery in my Tahoe, to letting my dogs out when I have to be gone an extended time during the day, to getting the mail when we are out of town, cleaning the snow off of our driveway and other things I know I’m forgetting to list.

I know I am not the only one they help out because they are always helping other neighbors out as well.  They also help out with the golf course and are actively involved in recruiting people to play night golf as well.  So I just want to say Thank you to Brent and Cheryl for all of the things you do for me.  Even though you probably think they are little things, to a military wife whose husband is gone on deployment your help with the “little” things is enormous.  Thanks again for always being there not only for myself but the other neighbors as well.  I’m sure they would agree with me and say you are well deserving of this award.  

Sue Padgett

Good Neighbor - Jim Daugherty

Mapleturn’s Good Neighbor Award is given to those individuals who put forth extraordinary efforts to benefit their neighbors and the Foxcliff community in general.  Jim Daugherty is one of those individuals.  Several years ago when the DNR included a good portion of Foxcliff South in the newly remapped flood zone, Jim led the effort to locate a surveyor and hydrologist in order to more accurately define those homes actually at risk.  He worked with FESHA to develop a model for partnership on projects like this where not everyone in the community benefits equally.  He organized the homeowners included in the newly defined flood zone and solicited donations to pay for their share of the project.  He also met with both the hydrologist and the DNR regularly for years to keep this project on track.  He is the primary reason this project has been successful and his efforts resulted in having nearly all of the homes removed from the flood zone.  This has saved homeowners nearly one hundred thousand dollars each year in unnecessary flood insurance premiums and helped preserve the value of the homes in the community in general.

Mike Hinshaw


In addition to the Good Neighbor Award, we are also giving two new awards this year.  These are being referred to as the Community Affairs Award.  These are designed to recognize people who are utility members but the work they do is for the community at large.

                Community Affairs Award - For Outstanding Work in Business

Indianapolis Power and Light, Company

In recognition of the work and professionalism in the construction of the new combined cycle gas turbine plant and the subsequent demolition of the old coal fired plant, we are happy to present Vince Parisi, President of IPL, with this award.  In addition to this economic and aesthetic enhancement to our neighborhood, IPL has been giving back to the community as well.  They are responsible for the extension of Mapleturn’s water main from Lincoln Hill Road to the park at the northern end of their property.  This has allowed us to offer our water to numerous residences along Mapleturn road.  Beyond this, IPL has given back to the greater community in other ways.  For example:  they were responsible for the $1 million restoration of the park in Waverly; they spearheaded setting up TIF funds for new interchanges on I69, including the Henderson Ford exchange; they have done work in the Jimmy Nash Park;  and in addition they project there will be a 15% bump in additional county tax revenues.  Thank you for the work you do for all of us.


                 Community Affairs Award - For Outstanding Work in Government

Carole Kinder

            Carole has recently retired from a life time of work as Director of the Morgan County Court Services.  As Director, her responsibilities included Probation, Community Corrections and the Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) programs.  The CASA program organizes a group of volunteers who take on the cases of children who are victims of child abuse and/or neglect and become the advocate for this child before the court.  In 1986, Judge Harris approached Carole asking her to start a CASA program for these children.  Today the program has 50 volunteers representing 160 children in Morgan County (unfortunately, there are still another 50 children on a waiting list).  Judge Harris, like many others, came to Carole because he knew that she could always get it done.  Her organizational skills are outstanding.  Her work ethic is unbelievable.  And her caring and giving personality are the reasons Carole Kinder is so highly respected within Morgan County government.

                A Butler University graduate from the School of Music, Carole has dedicated her life trying to bring just a little bit of music into the lives of these children.  Thank you, Carole.

Warren Waymire and Kelly Bray              


One of the favorite aspects of the picnic is the “One Month Free Water” drawing.  In the past this has been reserved for the people who attend the meeting.  This year however we will draw from all of you that return the signed proxy vote by June 17th.  This $97.13 value can be yours for the low cost of your vote.  ( Am I buying votes?  Yes! ).  Please just drop them in our box with your payment.


Other business

COVID 19 future

An undeniable truth is that the COVID 19 virus is going to be with us well into the future.  With this in mind it is incumbent upon us to set new policies, new ways of doing business to protect our customers and to protect our staff from this infection the best we can.  If you haven’t noticed we all have been here throughout this entire ordeal (it is nice to be thought of as essential).  We have limited the people coming into the office.  If you need to, that is fine, however if not just drop your payment in the box.  Also, we will need to enter some homes this summer to replace meters.  We will wear masks if you want us to and we will maintain social distancing.  We all hope this blows over soon.


Best Tasting Water Award - if you haven’t heard

I know that I said that I would quit bragging about these awards and perhaps this will be that last time for awhile.  Your water has twice been determined to be the Best Tasting Water in the State of Indiana.  And now, in addition, your water has won the distinction of being the Second Best Tasting Water in the United States.  Pretty cool, huh?

Hunter Davis

Hunter Davis has joined our staff.  As our staff ages it is important that bring in and train the next generation of water and wastewater professionals.  Please welcome Hunter as you see him out and about.

Backflow prevention testing

If you have a sprinkler system, please do not forget to get the backflow device certified.  It is imperative that this be done and that a record of the test be sent to the Utility office.

Flushables - Feminine Hygiene and other Waste Products

Nothing, other than waste and toilet paper should ever go down the toilet.  Items such as feminine hygiene products (of any type), baby wipes, Q tips or disposable cleaning wipes cause serious damage in the sewer system.  Not only will they clog the drain lines but they quite often get tangled in the cutting heads of the lift station pumps.  When this happens we need to pull the pump to get the blockage out or replace it if it burns up the pump.  Lately, we have had an inordinate number of lift station high water alarms.  I understand that these products are marketed as being bio-degradable and/or flushable; they are not.  Please put them in the trash.    Thank you.

Meter Installation

Our intention is to install another 100 electronic meters this summer.  This will bring us to a total of 400 installed so far.  Our intention is to focus on the Warwick and the Foxcliff W Dr. area and associated cul-de-sacs.  In addition to these we will be cleaning up areas where have skipped homes in the past.  These will be in both Foxcliff North and South.   These meters are going to be more of a challenge because most of these are inside your homes.  They may be in your basement, crawl space or in the garage.  We will be contacting you to set up an appointment time so that we can have access to the meter.

I&I – Inflow and Infiltration

Later this year we will be lining the sewer main on Foxcliff Drive East between Foxcliff Dr. W and the bridge.  During this time there will be traffic restrictions.  The project should be done in a week or so.  Please bear with us.