Hi Robin and Steve,

I am flattered by the nomination for good neighbor award and feel there are other more deserving residents who expend much more effort than I do on organizing a road clean up or two a year.  Over the years, we have managed to maintain a core group of about 12 individuals (including Calvin); volunteers are a key part of the success of our clean up effort.

This is our second stint in Foxcliff. In 1998 we moved to Foxcliff as a halfway point between Fishers, where Cal worked, and Bloomington where I worked at the time. (I got the better half of that deal.) We originally participated in Mapleturn Road when Christine DeVincent of south and Bruce Ewing from north led the groups. I think we took over the coordination effort around 2005.  

In response to your inquiry about how long we have lived in South: In summer 2012, I decided to chase unicorns (read had a midlife crisis) and move overseas for work.  Cal stayed behind, packed and prepped our personal effects and car into a 40’ shipping container.  He shipped our 3 cocker spaniels (Beau, Bailey and Boomer) in December 2012 then joined me in early 2013 when our house sold and belongings arrived.  The work, which was supposed to be a 5 to 10 year gig, didn’t work out as planned so we packed our clothes in Guam and returned to the mainland in summer 2014.  The neighborhood’s location, friendly residents, natural beauty drew us back after interviewing in cities across the country.  We literally moved halfway around the world to only change the street number of our Foxcliff South address.

Outside of work as a management consultant on capital improvement projects (currently the Indianapolis community justice campus), I enjoy time with our 3 “new to us”/rescued dogs (Flannigan, Tucker 1 with a tail and Tucker 2 without a tail) and some landscaping.  We walk most days weather permitting.


I will put June 11 on the calendar. Thanks again for the recognition. It really goes to the entire team.


Jennifer R. Tillman


Mapleturn Utilities, Inc.

Serving the community needs daily