2021 Good Neighbor Award

Mick English

This year’s Good Neighbor Award has been being awarded to Mick English.

     My name is Mike Wheeler, a resident of Foxcliff South and I nominated Mick English for Mapleturn Utilities Good Neighbor of The Year Award.

     Shortly after I moved here, I met Mick and have remained friends ever since. I had heard about his business and have seen many of his successful projects in the Foxcliff North and South areas as well as the Foxcliff Golf Course. But these projects successes are not the reason I nominated him. It is the manner to which they were handled. His graciousness to all involved, his professionalism, his knowledge he uses to implement his work and his responsiveness to make serious customer issues, seem less serious are just some of his attributes. I also know of his positive treatment of his employees. These examples are why Mick is usually the first call made for help.

     So, after speaking to other residents and board members of the Foxcliff North and South communities and past and present members and employees of the Foxcliff Golf Course, I/We believe he is a most deserving candidate.

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