2020 Community Affairs Award

For Outstanding Work in Government

Carole Kinder

     Carole has recently retired from a life time of work as Director of the Morgan County Court Services.  As Director, her responsibilities included Probation, Community Corrections and the Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) programs.  The CASA program organizes a group of volunteers who take on the cases of children who are victims of child abuse and/or neglect and become the advocate for this child before the court.  In 1986, Judge Harris approached Carole asking her to start a CASA program for these children.  Today the program has 50 volunteers representing 160 children in Morgan County (unfortunately, there are still another 50 children on a waiting list).  Judge Harris, like many others, came to Carole because he knew that she could always get it done.  Her organizational skills are outstanding.  Her work ethic is unbelievable.  And her caring and giving personality are the reasons Carole Kinder is so highly respected within Morgan County government.

     A Butler University graduate from the School of Music, Carole has dedicated her life trying to bring just a little bit of music into the lives of these children.  Thank you, Carole.

Warren Waymire and Kelly Bray     


For Outstanding Work in Business

Vince Parisi

Indianapolis Power and Light, Company

     In recognition of the work and professionalism in the construction of the new combined cycle gas turbine plant and the subsequent demolition of the old coal fired plant, we are happy to present Vince Parisi, President of IPL, with this award.  In addition to this economic and aesthetic enhancement to our neighborhood, IPL has been giving back to the community as well.  They are responsible for the extension of Mapleturn’s water main from Lincoln Hill Road to the park at the northern end of their property.  This has allowed us to offer our water to numerous residences along Mapleturn road.  Beyond this, IPL has given back to the greater community in other ways.  For example:  they were responsible for the $1 million restoration of the park in Waverly; they spearheaded setting up TIF funds for new interchanges on I69, including the Henderson Ford exchange; they have done work in the Jimmy Nash Park;  and in addition they project there will be a 15% bump in additional county tax revenues.  Thank you for the work you do for all of us.

Mapleturn Utilities, Inc.

Serving the community needs daily