2020 Good Neighbor Awards

Brent Fraser and Cheryl Petrisin

     I would like to start off by thanking Mapleturn Utilities for the opportunity to nominate someone for neighbor of the year.  I’m sure there are several people eligible for this award but I would like to nominate two neighbors in particular.  Let me just say we have live in Foxcliff for 12 years and of those 12 years my husband has been deployed for 3 of them.  During those three deployments these neighbors have always been there to help me out.  A few of the things they have done for me include mowing our yard for the first spring we were here because my husband was deployed two weeks after we moved in and it was in January so we had not purchased a mower yet, to changing the battery in my Tahoe, to letting my dogs out when I have to be gone an extended time during the day, to getting the mail when we are out of town, cleaning the snow off of our driveway and other things I know I’m forgetting to list.

     I know I am not the only one they help out because they are always helping other neighbors out as well.  They also help out with the golf course and are actively involved in recruiting people to play night golf as well.  So I just want to say Thank you to Brent and Cheryl for all of the things you do for me.  Even though you probably think they are little things, to a military wife whose husband is gone on deployment your help with the “little” things is enormous.  Thanks again for always being there not only for myself but the other neighbors as well.  I’m sure they would agree with me and say you are well deserving of this award.  

Sue Padgett

 Jim Daugherty

     Mapleturn’s Good Neighbor Award is given to those individuals who put forth extraordinary efforts to benefit their neighbors and the Foxcliff community in general.  Jim Daugherty is one of those individuals.  Several years ago when the DNR included a good portion of Foxcliff South in the newly remapped flood zone, Jim led the effort to locate a surveyor and hydrologist in order to more accurately define those homes actually at risk.  He worked with FESHA to develop a model for partnership on projects like this where not everyone in the community benefits equally.  He organized the homeowners included in the newly defined flood zone and solicited donations to pay for their share of the project.  He also met with both the hydrologist and the DNR regularly for years to keep this project on track.  He is the primary reason this project has been successful and his efforts resulted in having nearly all of the homes removed from the flood zone.  This has saved homeowners nearly one hundred thousand dollars each year in unnecessary flood insurance premiums and helped preserve the value of the homes in the community in general.

Mike Hinshaw

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