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Summer Work Report for Warren


Nick Tracy 

To:  Steve Collins

Aug 11 at 3:10 PM


 My main goal at Mapleturn Utilities is to install new water meters. In the past few months, I have installed approximately 85 of them. This has been my third summer doing so and we have already provided new meters for almost half of our customers since my time starting with Mapleturn. The new meters Larry, Rocky, and I have been installing are outfitted with remote-read endpoints. This technology allows us to read our customers' water meters in a more timely manner and without even having to step foot on our customers' property.


 In past summers, I have focused on replacing meters located in meter pits; however, this summer, we decided to concentrate our efforts on replacing meters located within homes in the Ramsgate, Mapleturn Road, and Warwick areas. This approach has been taken to improve safety and time efficiency while reading meters. Larry will no longer have to drive on Mapleturn Road every month to read meters manually, and will now only have a couple of meters to read in the Ramsgate and Warwick areas. Additionally, I focused on replacing meters that were reading 0 gallons of usage, indicating they were stuck. This will help to decrease the discrepancy between gallons of water we pump and gallons of water that we bill for. Finally, in my last few weeks at Mapleturn Utilities, I decided to gather a list of meters in pits that were hard to read every month because of their depth, tendency to fill with water, or difficulty to find under snow during the winter. I changed as many of these as I could before I returned to school.


  It has been a pleasure to work with Mapleturn Utilities. I have learned a lot about water utility, met a lot of great people in Foxcliff, and had the opportunity to work alongside some of the most hard-working and genuine people I have ever met in my life. Unfortunately, this past summer was my last for Mapleturn Utilities. I am pursuing a degree in horticulture and will be taking an internship in that field next summer. Nevertheless, I have enjoyed my time at Mapleturn Utilities and hope that I have made a positive impact on the company and on the Foxcliff community.


Best regards,

 Nick Tracy